Produce Monkey


Exclusively for Produce Professionals, Produce Monkey combines the power of social media with the most essential and effective tools needed for produce marketing.

This App enhances communication between buyer and seller, integrating with other social media outlets. Produce Monkey has a suite of features to serve every professional within the produce industry, keeping you in touch, informed and interactive wherever you are.

Features include:

  • Member Profiles share your information, experience and updates with your contacts.
  • A news feed where you can see what's new with your contacts, their company and in the produce industry.
  • Direct Messaging
  • A Real-Time Online Ticker that buyers and sellers can follow throughout the day to stay on top of pricing updates and changes, marketing trends, historical data & more.
  • The QuickSale Function allows buyers and sellers to quickly and easily create order transactions including Purchase Orders, Order Confirmations, Bills of Lading & More.
  • The "Daily ProMo" tool gives the ability for buyers and sellers to promote products on a daily basis by uploading text, ads, photos, and videos.
  • Assists buyers and sellers to quickly find deals for their industry specific needs.
  • Buyers and Sellers can track each and every transaction easily by using the "OrderBook".
  • With Social Media and Marketing all in one package, Produce Monkey is one of the produce industry’s most powerful tools in today's trade.

    We invite you to a new world in produce marketing innovations!