Virtus Nutrition


The Virtus Nutrition app hosts a wealth of information for dairy producers, nutritionists and others interested in the latest on Omega fatty acid technology for improved dairy cattle nutrition. Download this app to access the Omega Value Calculator, which provides detailed analysis of the value of feeding Prequel 21 (omega-6s) and StrataG (omega-3s) to transition cows and early breeding cows. Find out how many additional pregnancies, and subsequently calves, that these omegas can have by reducing early embryo loss on your dairy. Explore the key research that explains the impact that the omegas can have by improving both milk production and reproduction in dairy cows.

Key Features

CALCULATE the omega value in your herd by entering basic herd information and generating a series of graphs to show the impact Omega Nutrition can have on your bottom line.

BROWSE through the product pages to learn more about Virtus Nutrition's calcium salts of fatty acid products.

SEARCH the research and article pages to learn more about the science behind feeding omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids to dairy cows.

FIND the Virtus representative for your area so that you can find answers to any questions you may have on EnerGII, Prequel 21 and StrataG.

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